Venra Solutions


Venra is a New York based company that provides solutions for managing, monitoring and overseeing disbursement related business processes such as Travel and Entertainment, Policy Implementation and Vendor Management. Our solutions incorporate best practices and compliance expertise which we have developed over 25 years working with major global organizations.

Venra helps businesses integrate compliance within their business operations. Our solutions gather data and comprehensively analyze all transactions to identify behaviors that are indicative of errors, potential fraud, waste or misuse. Action can now be taken on these findings in a manner that allows for policies to be enforced and employees to be influenced for the good of the company.

With Venra, our clients have been able to increase the scope of their audit to 100% while decreasing the level of effort by 50%. We know what to look for and where to look for it. As a result, money is being spent more wisely while adhering to compliance rules, thereby reducing non-compliant activities that can impact 5% – 10% of total spend.